The Courtyard

A private sanctuary with trees, benches and flowers lies in the enclosed space beyond the stone archway entrance.  Specifically placed benches catch the sun from all angles and provide seating from which to enjoy this oasis of a garden. Mature trees have been selected to provide interest year round and low level planting provides privacy to ground floor apartments.  A pergola has been incorporated with a table and bench seating, giving residents the opportunity to share a picnic with family and friends in their own garden setting.  The Highbury Gardens courtyard is truly a special delight that residents will be able to enjoy on sunny summer days through to crisp, autumn evenings.

A large Wild Cherry tree is placed centre stage which displays beautiful white blossoms, acting as a signal to the warmer spring months. In the autumn months, the leaves will turn a spectacular array of pink, orange and red. Smaller Bird Cherry trees are located elsewhere, and offer the same seasonal displays. The Field Maples will however provide a green backdrop from Spring to Autumn.

A beautiful natural timber pergola with creeping wisteria has been placed in a sunny courtyard position. Both a timber table and bench seating underneath will allow residents to read the paper, have a cup of coffee or simply chat to family or friends in a relaxing and delightful space.

Ornamental planting includes Field Rose, Bilberry, Creeping Willow and Hazel. The planting not only produces colourful displays of flowers but also provides vital habitat for wildlife. Intense fragrance is produced from both French and English lavender, as well as Rosemary. Cultivated espaliered trees of both apple and pear provide flowers and fruit.

The planting selection marries together to create a timeless garden look that will be admired by all for not only its setting, but its colour and fragrance. The planting will be enjoyed by all as the trees, hedges, flowers and shrubs change from season to season.

Bench seating has been strategically placed to allow residents to make the most of this garden setting. Smaller lawn areas allow for picnics in the sun. But perhaps best of all is the opportunity for residents to reconnect with their inner child by using one of the many estate games held by the Residents Services Manager. The most popular are likely to be lawn bowls and croquet, played on the dedicated lawn. All you need to do is ask the Residents Services Manager for a set, then assemble your teams to play away!