Highbury Fields
Highbury Fields situated just to the east of Highbury Gardens, is the largest open space in the borough of Islington. Across its 29 acres there are recreational facilities including eight tennis courts, a café, swimming pool and a football court at the north end. The park is surrounded by highly desirable residences, which are elegant examples of Georgian and Victorian town houses. Highbury Fields is Islington's greatest asset and is fiercely protected by the local Council and surrounding residents. As green open space in London is so hard to come by these days that Highbury Fields is a real gem treasured by locals and visitors alike. In the warm summer months families, friends, young and old come to relax and play on the grass or picnic under one of its many ancient elms.

Upper Street
Lined with fantastic restaurants, bars and trendy stores, Upper Street is the main shopping street of Islington and has the reputation for being an epicenter of effortless chic. Stretched between Angel and Highbury & Islington underground stations, the diverse shopping opportunity ranges from stylish boutiques to high street stores. The particular appeal of Upper Street is without doubt the small and independent shops dotted up its entire length. The shopping experience here is a colourful combination of traditional London high street flavoured with a character and appeal all of its own.

With nearly one hundred bars, pubs and restaurants lining this hub of Islington, Upper Street offers an enormous variety of food and drink choices. A host of chefs and restaurateurs have made their name by starting out here where the discerning tastebuds of the Islington locals have made London sit up and take notice. Yotam Ottelenghi 's applauded restaurant is located at 287 Upper Street presenting the chance to sample one of his many award-winning dishes or perhaps even a recipe he may have written about in one of his weekly Guardian newspaper articles.

For culture lovers; the famous King's Head Theatre, founded in 1970 was the first pub theatre in the UK. It continues to be a great venue to catch a wide array of productions, musicals and stand up. The Almedia Theatre is a boutique destination for theatre lovers with plays shown here regularly receiving exceptional reviews. The world famous Saddlers Wells is a larger venue with an international reputation as a premier purveyor of ballet and modern dance productions. All of these establishments remain regular haunts for both new and established British actors and playwrights, so it is not unusual to occasionally spot a familiar face or two.